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The Organic Apple
Shop 3/934 David Low Way, Marcoola,  QLD  4564
(07) 07 5448 7709
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The Organic Apple

3/934 David Low Way, Marcoola. 

Look for the big green apple sign opposite Surfair complex.

Ample parking out front.


Business Hours


Monday to Friday             8.30am - 5.00pm

Saturday & Sunday          8.30am - 3.00pm


Our Aim:-    To Provide - Produce as Nature Intended


We also want to encourage people to shop and eat locally produced food, so..


In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere we guarantee to provide only the best in Certified Organic and Bio-Dynamic produce.


In the first instance we source locally, believing it is environmentally sound to support local organic farm production.  Secondly we source from Queensland and then wider Australia.  Our belief is to provide food that is free from harmful chemicals, and that is full of goodness and health giving benefits. 


Benefits of eating Organic…….


Healthy, tasty and nutritious food*

Better  health from reduced consumption of chemicals

Soil has increased levels of valuable nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

Farming that is environmentally friendly leading to a greater diversity of local birds, butterflies and plants

Meat that contains no antibiotics or added hormones.   Animals are reared in more natural conditions with their welfare and health a priority.

Products free of additives, artificial colouring and flavourings.

GM free

No irradiation

Organic farmers plant green manures, make compost, rotate crops and under sow crops with clover to increase organic matter in soil, rebuilding top soil and providing  better water retention and soil fertility.


* A recent comprehensive UK study conducted over a 4 year period has found eating organic plant based food contained as much as 40% more antioxidants than conventional food. Scientists believe this can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease.


** Organic farming principles support the sustainability of our land and waterways by reducing the need to use artificial fertilizers and chemicals.


For further information see


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What we Stock


Our range is hand picked to provide premium quality, high nutritional value and superior value for money.  To ensure freshness, our fruit and vegetables arrive twice weekly, the majority being picked on the day of delivery.


Our range includes:-

Ÿ         Certified Organic & Bio-Dynamic Fruit & Vegetables

Ÿ         Certified Organic/Biodynamic Meat and Dairy

Ÿ         Certified Organic Eggs and Free Range Chicken (hormone, steroid, antibiotic free)

Ÿ         Bulk cereals, grains, flour and nuts

Ÿ         Gluten Free products and meals

Ÿ         General packaged goods such as oils, herbs & spices, baking ingredients, grains, nuts, seeds, pastas, condiments and canned products.

Ÿ         Freshly made organic juice and bottled drinks and juices.

Ÿ         Gift baskets made to order for that organic special occasion 

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What is Your Guarantee

organic standards protecting the consumer


Ÿ         Certified organic. where food has been grown, harvested, stored and transported without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation or fumigants and has received approval from one of the seven Australian certifying organisations.

Ÿ         Bio dynamic.  an advanced method of organic farming following the philosophies of Dr Steiner (www.biodynamic,com/steiner)

Ÿ         Biologically grown. another term used for organic farming particularly common in European production

Ÿ         in-conversion. advises that the producers are the in the two-year  period prior to receiving certified status which in turn means they have abided by the standards of production set down by one of the seven Australian certifying organisations and have not used chemicals on their produce and land for at least the past year.

Ÿ         Organically grown.. most common where individuals are dedicated to the organic philosophies, but whose view either differ slightly from the very strict certification rules or who simply wish to remain independent from the rigours of a tight system.

Ÿ         Free of synthetic chemicals..  goods that are produced without synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

Ÿ         GMO free. free from genetic manipulation/modification


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