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Remember ….one man’s trash is another ones treasure!






Choose your day carefully; be aware of any event, holiday or inclement  weather that may affect the number of potential customers you attract to your garage sale. 
Saturday is the most popular day to have a garage sale.


Some popular music playing in the background will create a positive welcoming atmosphere


Preparation is vital to the success of any garage sale; gather the items that will be up for sale. Have everything nice and clean, in working order (if applicable) usually positioned in your driveway at the front of the garage or in the carport (under cover in case of rain)


Tie balloons to your letterbox, fence or vehicle to draw attention to your garage sale. Please beware that your local council may impose fines for garage sale signage placed in public areas like intersections, roundabouts or bus stops.


Call the Lifeline (or other charity) ahead of time so that they are on hand to pick up any leftover stuff at the end of the sale


Place large items for sale towards the front of your display area. This will help with visibility from the road and also make it easier to move these items once they have been sold.


Keep similar items together in one area. If you have large amounts of particular items, try selling them in bulk lots at a discounted price. Hang a clothesline to better display clothes


Try to price all items clearly, either individually or in groups. Remember when working out pricing to allow for customers bargaining tactics, however be sure not to overprice either or you’ll be left with heaps of unwanted goods at the end of the day.


Have an extension cord and power point handy to test any electrical items you may have for sale.


Make sure you put all your expensive stuff together on one table and then assign a friend or relative to watch that table for possible theft.


Guard your cash by wearing a bum bag where you can keep it with you.  Have a sufficient quantity of change on hand, both notes and coins!! A calculator, pen and paper may also be useful.


If a buyer wants you to hold an item, make sure they pay you a sizeable, non-refundable deposit


A few hours before closing, make a sign ‘Everything is Free’.  People will relieve you of a lot of junk that you won't have to cart away!


Items that AREN’T for sale should be totally out of sight


Make sure your house and vehicle are secure, keys, wallet and valuables are all in a safe place. It also pays to have any animals and children suitably entertained. If your children are old enough, they would probably love to help out in selling of their own items for a slice of the profits!!


But… perhaps the most important tip we can give you… SMILE!! Wear your happy face throughout the day!! People are much more likely to buy from you if you give a happy, friendly vibe.






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