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OJ Networks
Level 1 - 1794 David Low Way, Coolum Beach,  QLD  4573
(07) 5329 3200
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We Are Small Business IT Experts

One of the problems with the IT industry for businesses in Australia is that you are never sure of the quality of service you will get from an IT company. Many IT services work out of a van and service primarily residential customers. When they are faced with advanced networking or server issues these residential specialist may be out of their depth. Businesses are not sure of the credentials they are looking for when choosing an IT company. Read More

We Build Custom Business Web Sites

If you think about it, the first time most of your customers interact with you is through your website.
It is the face of your business and as such it should try to sell your goods or services passionately, professionally and informatively.
It needs to know the ins and outs of your business. What you do well and what sets you apart from your competitors. It needs to have a reason to be employed by you. It needs to interact with your customers, sell your goods and services and make customers want do business with you. If your current site is not doing that for you it might be time to do some website hiring and firing?
Even if you decide that you only need a few pages to advertises your business, there is no reason why your website cannot  feature a call to action that captures potential customers. Read More

We Install and Supply Computer Software

The choices are endless when selecting computer equipment to run your business. OJ Networks has over 10 years experience in the business of supplying hardware and software to small businesses. We have forged strong relationships with vendors of top quality equipment that exceeds the needs and expectations of businesses in Australia. All these vendors are well known in the marketplace. Read More



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